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Feel free to comment here and use this as HMD, please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve! (anon enabled and screened, IP off.)

[Name] emz
[Active Hours] Will tend to tag between 7pm~12pm PST. More active on Wed and Sat.

[aim] didusaysomethng
[plurk] http://www.plurk.com/didusaysomethng
[pm?] is welcome

[Backtagging] I'm willing to backtag foreeeeever, so never feel bad for a slow tag!
[Threadhopping] I don't care if it's IC
[Trigger Topics and General Character/Plot] Keep it IC and it's fine, or contact me first if you're looking for a specific reaction.

[Godmoding] X
[Infomoding] X
[Fourthwalling] X
[Etc.] But really, I'm fine with a lot of things if you run it by me first. Just contact me somehow.
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ie. collected shit that Kenpachi has done, for my own reference, AND MAYHAP YOURS.
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